A brief overview of the best hotels in the world

Hotels, have attained world fame gained popularity due to two reasons: the famous guests and unprecedented luxury. These hotels are at the top of the rating of the best hotels in the world. The most famous of them are: the Savoy, the Ritz, the Metropol and Waldorf-Astoria. Such names can be found even in the tourist guidebooks. In addition, legendary hotels are mentioned in hundreds of books and dozens of autobiographies of famous people.

At all times luxurious hotels attracted the attention of creative people and wealthy citizens. Writers, artists, aristocrats and millionaires were regular customers. This factor further influenced the reputation of these hotels. A striking example is the Paris Ritz, which for more than a century is considered the best hotel of Paris. This hotel is famous not only for luxury accommodation. Here he spent more than 30 years known Coco Chanel (French fashion legislator) and many other not less known people.

Of course, guests are one of the key factors in the popularity of the hotel. For example, new York’s hotel Waldorf-Astoria is known for its guest F. Sinatra.

Russia also has the world famous hotel. The Grand Hotel Europe for several centuries has hosted many figures of culture and art. In this hotel spent their honeymoon famous Russian composer Tchaikovsky. Among investigatorial this hotel was Johann Strauss.

Almost all the world famous hotels get special suites, made in honor of famous guests. For example, the Ritz has a Suite in honor of the outstanding American writer Francis Scott Fitzgerald. Often such famous hotels recognize the cultural heritage of the country and added to the specially protected architectural monuments.

Naturally, renting a room in these hotels not everyone can afford. The price range starts from 500 USD per night and ends with the borders of common sense. However, there are those people who can afford such a luxury, while maintaining sanity.

Today the hospitality industry by leaps and bounds moving forward and our country and the Donetsk region is no exception. Hotels in Donetsk are very precocious and can easily compete with some overseas hotels: quality service, reasonable fee, friendly staff and convenient location. Recently, the football championship has contributed to the popularity of hotels. If You are stopping in our city, then rest assured that hotels in Donetsk will surprise You and leave only positive impressions from the trip.

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