An unusual hotel for people with special dreams

If you want to sleep in a coffin or sleeping. unusual place to visit in the cell for prisoners to sleep on blocks of concrete, then you direct road in “Propeller island city Lodge”, located in the German capital.

If you literally translate the name of this hotel, it sounds approximately so: “Island with a propeller”.

The hotel has forty five rooms, each of which has a unique and individual interior.

This hotel designed by the famous German artist L. Stroshane.

This hotel has four stars. It is located in the Charlottenburg district of Berlin, located in the South-Western part of the capital of Germany. The hotel is private property.

“L’ile a helice” is the title of the work of the famous writer Jules Verne. It served and the name of the hotel.

The hotel has a room that can feel like a character from a famous movie “the Shawshank redemption”. This room is called “freedom”. This room is very much nominating camera. The toilet is next to the bunk. Sleeper has the appearance of a real bed for a prisoner. There is even a special hole in the wall of the chamber, which symbolizes the consequences of escape. The balcony in this room common, there are comfortable Seating and umbrellas that protect holidaymakers from the sun.

There is still room in the hotel under the name “Upside down”. A feature of this room is that people sleep in a special box which is located under the floor.

For those who enjoy the sensations provided rooms, which are equipped with special cells. They are installed on piles.

In this hotel you can sleep in coffins, which have a white color. Have in the hotel room made entirely of mirrors.

Especially popular among tourists is the room where the bed is separated by a special partition. It is the guillotine. But it’s not real – it is a special designer lamp.

The hotel’s interior is a work of art. It is intellectual property and protected by copyright.

An interesting feature of this hotel is that its rooms are not all EN Suite, so visitors have to wash in a shared bathroom stall.

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