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To prepare for a new day in the bright, sun-drenched Paris the bathroom of the hotel Le Bristol (Oetker Collection). And if the mood is able to influence the surrounding world, then this day is sure to be successful!

In our new travel-album —

the most impressive bathrooms of hotels, from new York to the Plaza Athenee, Four Seasons resort Langkawi.

Draw inspiration from professionals whose credo is “beauty, functionality, comfort”! And maybe this summer you want to see in the bathroom a tropical lagoon or branch of philosophical aesthetics Asia.

Aristocratic bathroom Hôtel The Peninsula Paris one of its kind is preparing for the release, Recalling that in the wardrobe “misses” gown haute couture.

Take a bath in one of our favourite hotels — Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace in St. Petersburg — best with an armful of favorite verses.

This tropical Paradise is hidden in the spacious bathroom Four Seasons Resort Langkawi in Malaysia, and the unusual “luxury” tent at Four Seasons Tented Camp you take a bath under sounds of the jungle.

Noisy Buenos Aires in full swing outside the hotel Four Seasons, flooding the bathroom spacious sunlight — morning is here the only cheerful!

Bathrooms at Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita in Mauritius and the Greek Mykonos Grace Hotel was created,it seems, to indulge in thoughts about eternal, enjoying the sea breeze coming from the window.

British hotel The Lanesborough — a place of tranquillity and peaceful silence, which sometimes is lacking.

The hotel L Apogée in Courchevel are experts in luxury and the need of the tired skiers: private steam room to warm up, and a Golden niche with mirror to transform before dinner.

In the pleasant bustle of Milan is better coffee will cheer you up a warm shower. The hotel Bvlgari bathroom itself resembles a coffee Cup — energize “espresso” in the shower or add milky and take a relaxing bath.

London contemporary art meets ancient traditions, and in the interior of the bathroom at Bvlgari mirror flirting with wooden floors, inviting you to mix styles and trends in search of new ideas.

Morning in Paris the Shangri-La begins in an elegant space, filled with inspiration and romantic dreams. Or plans?

Dive into the magical atmosphere of the Orient awaits you in the hotel Six Senses Zighy Bay in Oman: the bathroom is both a tribute to and traditional clay buildings, and shiny metal work, and tales, without which it is impossible to travel in these lands.

Morning bath in Coworth Park (Dorchester Collection) in Ascot — at the same time and water, and relaxation treatments. Outside the window is peaceful scenery of picturesque countryside, the sky is not obscured by skyscrapers.

Exquisite bathroom interior Royal Plaza hotel in Hong Kong offers a lyrical mood, silk robe with an intricate pattern and a leisurely tea ceremony.

Sleepless in new York the city’s energy is always with you: in the bathroom of the hotel Plaza Athenee miniature tiles, mirrors and the warm glow of the lamps echo the sparkling Windows of boutiques, the musical beats of the clubs. And if you have long wanted to take a bath with champagne and rose petals, this is the best spot.

The Renaissance, it seems, did not end at the Four Seasons Hotel Firenze in Florence, one of the centers of the Revival, to this day able to present the marble air, and the Golden monogram in an elegant manner. This bath is a true art therapy!

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