Exclusive hotels in “Biblio-Globus”

New season — new plans

As you know, “Biblio Globus” has announced its entry into the Turkish direction only last year and it immediately became the tourist market the main intrigue. Of course, longtime players will immediately notice in the “alien” strong opponent, and tried to protect him from their “property”.

In TortoiseSVN, as well as in the media and then reported cheating of the tour operator. In particular, it was discussed that “Biblio Globus” put on sale hotels with which it contracts, and is stated by the tour operator, the volume of carriage is not covered with “someone”. However, these messages has not been confirmed, and the player has proven to be the case — their strength before going on the direction he calculated to the last detail, and all offered in the booking system of hotels placed the tour operator without any problems.

Last year the company worked in Turkey clearly and coherently, well, and this season decided to consolidate the success and to continue to explore the Turkish coast. The plans “Biblio Globus” on Turkey — Grand, he plans to send 500 thousand tourists, which is 2.5 times more than last year.

The seriousness of the tour operator confirmed by the voluminous flight program on the wings of the carrier and permanent partner “Biblio Globus” — the airline “Transaero”.

Flights to Antalya tour operator organizes from 21 regions of Russia and also from Ukraine and Belarus. In addition, from Moscow the company offers daily flights to Istanbul. One of the main advantages to flying with a “Biblio Globus” — layout business class on each side .

What other competitive advantages give reason to doubt that in this race for tourists “Biblio Globus” will definitely reach the intended? Tour operator shared that he relies in the first place!

Hotels everyone!

So, for the season “Summer-2014” hotel of the tour operator base expanded to 630 hotels . 60 — on “guarantees”. Thus, the placement you can choose almost any resort in the area, including the Aegean coast and in Istanbul. The range of objects Antalya, Alanya, side, Marmaris, Belek, Kemer and other resorts in the country.

But most importantly, “Biblio Globus” has increased the number of exclusive contracts with Turkish hotels, but now these objects in tour 18 ! Among them — “hotels” well-known Turkish chain of Crystal Group, which became the main partner of the player in Turkey in the new season.

And of course, it is important to note that in Antalya from tour operator “Biblio Globus” — a private host company with modern fleet of vehicles and a total staff of 500 people !

Not one “fight” a good Turkey from the “Biblio Globus”

In addition to significant hotel base, “Biblio Globus” is in stock and has other significant advantages for agents and their travelers.

The convenience of online booking .

The tour operator make it simple for the interface and accelerated the work of this tool. As a result, spending generated online — travel agent simply enters into the system the necessary excursions, private transfers and other additional services, and the system instantly calculates the final cost.

A unique service of 3D registration in hotels.

This “trick” is an innovation not only in Russia but also in the world tourist market . The first in the 3D system. includes Turkish hotels Crystal Hotels. In the coming months in unique system will include 20 hotels. Due to this service, tourists will be able to determine the location, number and floor on which they wish to reside, and also to choose the venue and design of the room. Clicking on a particular room, you can see 3D models of the rooms. Because of this the rooms can be viewed in detail to appreciate the layout, color design interior, furniture, view from the balcony and other things that are of great importance for a comfortable stay.

Of course, the battle for Turkey this year, like last, will be tough. But to worry about the position of “Biblio Globus” on the direction doesn’t seem worth it. Ambition tour, as has become obvious, fully justified, and to fight for the Turkish coast in the new season the player is ready at 100%.

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