Ghosts and haunted buildings

This article laid out some real stories confirming the existence of ghosts and haunted houses, and hotels.

In California there is a house in San Jose under the number 525. It was built by William Winchester, the widow of the inventor of the famous rifle. Erection of six-storey mansion was delayed for 38 years!

Believing that her husband and daughter killed spirits, Sarah on the advice of a psychic led the construction with a certain eccentricity. In the house there were many rooms (160), secret passages, dead ends. For heating the building folded 47 fireplaces. Construction was started not from scratch, it was already dilapidated old house, we had to do more and its restoration.

What happened in the 1906 earthquake partially destroyed the building, the upper floors fell. Sarah Winchester died in 1922, and the house began to happen mysterious events. Sami opened the door, flew things. It lasts until now. Tourists specially visit this house, hoping to see the souls of people killed by the rifle of “Winchester”.

In Taiwan there is one hotel called the “Grand Hyatt”. Where he stands today, used to be the prison. There are white ghosts howling. To soothe the guests hung on the walls of his plates with spells. Reading them, you can banish ghosts spirits and ghosts. And the hotel “Russell” in Australia and the former reisegepaeck for plague patients, there are ghosts of prostitutes! Especially uncomfortable guests in eighth room of the hotel. Night invisible dark mass knows what leans on sleeping people.

Canadian mountain hotel “Fairmont Banff Springs”, reminiscent of an old knight’s castle, also has its ghosts. In his the corridors sometimes “walk” a girl in a veil and a white-haired old man. In the hotel rooms and the beds are feather beds and duvets. Built in 1888, the building is decorated with a view of Banff national Park.

Roman hotel “Castello Della Castelluccia” was built a long time ago – in the 11th century. In past times it also could wind up ghosts that undoubtedly. And exactly, about a former castle “reeling” the Emperor Nero, or rather his spirit. Two more “strangers” from time to time are in the garden near the hotel.

One more hotel, “Talbot Oundle”, in the UK, is the Ghost of Mary Queen of Scots, executed in 1587 Little that moves the spirit of the former Queen, so more furniture periodically changes its location.

French building “Brissac” ghosts of the two lovers – with Charlotte knight, killed by the jealous husband of the woman. 203 in the premises of the former castle and get lost. Is there room to Judith. Once it had reconciled the son with his mother — Maria Medici with Louis 13.

Ghosts and ghosts in hotels is not only in Europe, Asia, Australia. On the American continent, and more specifically, in new York city is a 13-storey hotel Chelsea. For Americans superstitious number “13” is in trouble! Once at the dead 112-year-old artist E. Cole. There he died of a drug overdose musician Sid Vicious. Their souls, according to hotel guests, are wandering today in Chelsea.

This is not a complete list of buildings and hotels with ghosts and hauntings. What actually happens in old houses, unknown. It might be true that there is “the light” where the souls of the dead appear to us to inform you of endless life.

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