“Hotel Droog”

Recently it became known that in Amsterdam there appeared a very unusual place where you can leave all your worries behind and immerse yourself in a world of peace. The hotel, which got a pretty original name “Hotel Droog” can give the opportunity to relax from the bustle of the city and most interestingly, everything in it is only one room. But do not forget that this room gives its visitors 700 sqm

To register in the hotel just for a start. It is located in a historic building from the 18th century and at the moment the hotel is more like a Museum or a cultural center. But do not despair, the room well equipped, it has everything that you need for a good rest and accommodation: kitchen, living room and a huge bed. It is also worth noting here that in addition to home entertainment, you can stroll through the small garden and breathe fresh air, any city resident is just dreaming about this holiday.

The uniqueness check for a new hotel is not needed, because the developer of the design of the interior design experts of Studio Droog. Recall that they are quite famous for its unusual projects. If someone wants to attend their next creation, you should not forget, in the new hotel you will not see anything familiar. For example,those that fall in the hotel for the first time may scare the candles, which are made in the form of cartoon bombs. Admirers of the original design will love the chair made out of shawls and clothes, as well as author of wool carpets and expensive rack of carbon fiber.

If in one part of the world to build fancy hotels and facilities, on the other side you can see the experiments on modern cars. This time under the experiment were two models – the Tesla Model S and BMW M5. For anybody not a secret that in the modern world in the premium League supremacy took the cars of such models as: BMW, Audi and Mercedes. However, their route was suddenly blocked by a new sedan And a Tesla Model S. the most curious – this “Iron monster”, unexpectedly for all has managed to win over the BMW M5 in a race a quarter of a mile in a straight line. Very unexpected, isn’t it? Let’s compare these two wonderful creations:

Tesla Model S

This model is devoid of the internal combustion engine, but the speed in 100 km/h. it develops in 4.4 seconds. Electric Tesla Model S generates 416 HP and 600 Nm.


If you take the example of the luxury sedan of the BMW M5, we can immediately notice that this model is just crammed with a variety of amplifiers, with charged having a powerful motor modern 7-speed dual clutch transmission. Also it should be recalled that to hundred it is dispersed only for 4.2 seconds. Don’t forget that BMW is 560-horsepower V8 with a torque of 678 Nm.

Said characteristics, the Bavarians in this case, the lead definitely. However, the Tesla Model S has proven that a large number of horses under the hood, do not decide anything. After a demonstration of drag racing, Tesla Model S has managed to win over the BMW M5. What is the secret? Blame a number of modern technologies, even if you take short-term power increase due to the accumulated kinetic energy.

But don’t worry – this experience does not mean that one model is better than the other. Each novelty has its pros and cons, and a man can only choose. Someone who likes speed, someone just long-distance trip. Some are designed for race tracks, others to travel in comfort. As reported by the creators of the sedan Tesla Model S “Luxury electric car is capable to overcome a distance of 500 kilometers and can reach a maximum speed of 190 km/h. To ensure these qualities, it was decided to arrange a race between Tesla Model S and BMW M5”.

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