Hotels haunted

On the last day of October the United States and Europe to celebrate Halloween day, long ago turned into a feast of fun without borders and dark suits.

People are happy to frighten and afraid. What can scare more than a night spent in a hotel room somewhere with a Ghost or mysterious history?

So, choose the place of accommodation on the night of 31 October to 1 November.

The Parador de Cardona in Barcelona not everyone will dare to spend the night in room 712. In him spontaneously moving furniture. And sometimes the wandering Ghost of a knight in armour and a weeping girl.

The hotel Palacio Guendulain in Pamplona, guests see the Ghost of someone who once fell from the window of his room.

By the way, the body was never found.

The Stanley Hotel (USA): room 408 at night, heard children’s screams and opening the valves.

Grand Langham Hotel (London) boasts five immediately own spirits. One of them was a German nobleman, now jump out the window, the second reporter of the air force, sit down at the feet of sleeping guests.

Hotel El Convento (Puerto Rico): in 1995, the hotel has converted the old monastery and still guests can hear the quiet prayers of the nuns. And sometimes in the dining room there is a Ghost of the founder of the monastery of Dona Ana.

Parador de Clean (Cantabria).Three ghosts of a former Palace, is the niece of the former owner Margaret plays the piano in the library accompanied by a little boy and the old servant, whose body mysteriously disappeared from the grave.

Driskill Hotel (USA): within its walls lives a whole team of spirits from the bride, which was rejected at the altar and committed suicide by hanging himself in one of the rooms, to the girl, who was killed during a ball game.

Notel Bolivar (Lima). In its 500 rooms were homicides, suicides, accidents. Maybe the fact that originally the hotel was named Ayachucho, in honor of the battle of 1824.

The name meant “place of the dead.”

Jamaica Inn (Cornwall, UK). 1750, the hotel was a haven of smugglers. His bar is a Ghost customer, who had died, not finishing his glass of beer.

Queen Mary (Los Angeles, CA, USA): ship, converted into a luxury hotel accommodating up to 55 ghosts.

Very often paranormal phenomena happen at the door of No. 33 in the engine compartment.

Parador de Sigüenza (Guadalajara) has a very cute Ghost. Here was concluded unhappy Queen Blanca, rejected by her husband Pedro I, and soon after murdered by his order. Since then, her Ghost does not leave the place of his last home.

Castle Leslie (Ireland): a former noble mansion paranormal phenomena happen in almost every room.

For example, in the bathroom, where in 1925 he died the lady Constance Leslie, sometimes floating bed.

Taj Mahal Palace (Mumbai): on the roof of a luxury hotel sometimes walks the Ghost of an engineer who committed suicide because of trouble in the construction of the building.

Fairmont Banff Springs (Canada): once in room 873 was killed by the family of the guests, after which the mirror of the traces of the fingers of the murdered girls that appear even after a thorough washing.

Melia Zaragoza (Zaragoza) — hotel restored from an old Hotel Corona after the terrible fire in 1979. However, the echoes of the tragedy that claimed the lives of 78 people. Heard in a strange phone call, the feeling of suffocation, covering features 510 rooms.

I think I’ll spend the Halloween night in my bed, without the thrill. And you?

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