Hotels haunted England and Scotland

Britain is known as a country where every closet has a skeleton and every hotel has its Ghost. Haunted hotels UK have the same symbol as the tower of London, big Ben, the Queen and the Beatles. Literally in every County of England or Scotland today, you can find hotels that are famous not only for classic British hospitality, but also classic British ghosts.

It would seem that the ghosts have to scare off tourists from using the services of the hotel. However, everything happens exactly the opposite. The modern tourist, tempered numerous horror films, vengeance seeking to get to the English hotel, where we regularly appear out of nowhere the woman in white, the man in grey, the girl with the balloon, the favorite dog of the former owner. We should not expect a room in a hotel with ghosts is cheaper. The family Ghost is often main symbol of the hotel, so that to live next door to him will have to pay.

The press and various tourist associations regularly publish lists of the most famous haunted hotels in the UK. They often appear well-known luxury hotels, for example, London the Langham. The Langham hotel 5*, located in the greater London area, became famous for the Ghost in 1973 in one of Gostinichnaya scared of a BBC journalist.

The appearance of ghosts in a particular hotel be sure to precede some terrible story. For example, in a London hotel Ostrich for several centuries as a Ghost of its former owner. The owner of the Ostrich was executed in the 16th century for its guests is drowned in boiling fat. In Britain a well-known story about the Blue Lady who dwells at the Macdonald Berystede Hotel & Spa 4*. In the 19th century the hotel there was a big fire, in the death of a beloved owner named ELISA Kleininger. According to the legend, she went back to the hotel, trying to save from a burning house jewel box. Since then, the Blue Lady roams around the corridors of the hotel in search of his jewelry.

Located in the town of Buxton, Derbyshire the Old Hall Hotel at the time was the residence of the Queen of Scots. Old Hall Hotel – one of the oldest in England. So to have your own Ghost for him – a matter of honor. In our days as one of the most remarkable events in the hotel becomes Halloween. In the Halloween guests at Old Hall Hotel organized a special hunt for ghosts.

The cast was so popular in Britain that not only individual hotels, but entire cities, among which the bat. Brighton. Edinburgh began to “complain” to the restless ghosts. Today in each of these cities, tourists can enjoy a tour of the area’s most active ghosts. As expected, tours are held at night.

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