Hotels in the center of St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg – the cradle of romance, playing in theatres, museums, literature. This is a unique city with a rich history and culture, one of the most beautiful and frequently visited, with a highly developed hotel industry. And the number of hotels of different star rating every year continues to grow. For the most part they are located in the Central and in the adjacent areas in Admiralty, Petrograd and Vassilievsky island. And for obvious reasons: most visitors to the city on the Neva river, arriving with tourist or business purpose prefer to settle closer to the historical and cultural attractions. In recent years, in these areas there are new good hotels in St. Petersburg, including mini-hotels that provide their guests quality services.

Of course, one of the main criteria when choosing a hotel is its location. The greatest preference is given to the unique area of the Northern capital, known as the “Golden triangle” which includes sights such as the Hermitage, Palace square, the Savior on Blood, Kazan Cathedral, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, field of Mars, as well as many palaces and mansions of the time of Peter I and Catherine II.

If You are interested in the fashionable hotel of St. Petersburg in the “Golden triangle”, the best hotels such as “Grand Hotel Europe”, which is the hallmark of the city and the “Oscar of tourism industry” by the Wall Street Journal; The Angleterre was one of the first hotels in St. Petersburg; the luxurious and elegant “Astoria” and “Kempinski Moika 22”, which opens onto the Hermitage and Palace square, is ready to open the door. May not be in the “Golden triangle”, but beside him and in a very picturesque place near the Yusupov garden is another luxury hotel category “4 stars” – “Ambassador”, is ready to provide its customers with hotel service the European level.

If You want to find a not so expensive hotel, St. Petersburg can offer You in the area of category “3 stars”: “Pushka INN”, “Nevsky hotel Aster”, “Asteria” and is a boutique luxury hotel “Golden triangle”. All these hotels of St. Petersburg, located in the historical part of the city, unique in its own way and offer guests comfortable accommodation and impeccable service. In addition, these small hotels of the “Nevsky hotel Moyka 5”, “stony island Hotel at Lomonosova”, “Solo from the Palace square” and “Arcadia”, is not only very well located but also offer very reasonable prices for rooms and service.

Every tourist prefers the silence, the comfort of home, offer their services to small hotels, several of them located inside the “Golden triangle”: “Alex” at Griboyedov and the Great Sea, “Ermitage. A shelter of the eremite”, “Yards of Capella”, “RA Nevsky 44”, “Amulet”, “the Sonata at Gorokhovaya”, “Solo”, “Petrovsky Dvor”. Small hotels are more flexibly adjust their prices in a relatively cozy room. If You are interested in these Saint Petersburg hotels, prices, details and reviews, as well as any additional information about them can be found in the directory on pages of our site.

A topic of great demand among the guests of the Northern capital of St. Petersburg on Nevsky Prospekt, and the hotel business has always taken into account this feature. In addition to the above hotels, in the first place one should mention such famous hotels located in the immediate vicinity, as five-star luxury hotel “Radisson SAS Royal” is part of the international, widely known throughout the World network “Radisson SAS Hotels & Resorts”; the new Italian hotel “Aston” category “4 stars” and “Nevsky forum” and “Park Inn Nevsky”. Special philosophy of hospitality, founded on the best traditions of hotel business, offers “Cronvell Inn Stremyannaya” hotel “3 stars” of St. Petersburg in the city center. Also well located and “Boutique hotel “Golden Garden”, providing customers with rooms from “standard” to “presidential Suite”. Not to mention, located in the Central area of the city mini-hotels of St. Petersburg on Nevsky prospect: “Butterfly”, “Martin” and “RA Nevsky 102”, which long enjoyed great demand among tourists.

Many great hotels of St. Petersburg are located in Admiralty, Central, Petrogradskiy districts of the city and on Vasilevsky island. Among four-star comfortable hotels business class can be identified such as the hotel “Neptun”, new hotel premium “Vvedensky”, “Nash OTEL” is one of the most beautiful and comfortable hotels in the city and the largest in St. Petersburg Congress-hotel Park Inn “Pribaltiyskaya”. Of the category of 3 star and small hotels also provide its customers with decent living conditions and necessary comfort that allows tourists to feel welcome guests of the Northern capital.

The list of hotels of St. Petersburg will not be complete, if not that very popular hotel Pulkovskaya, which has an excellent base for business events. “Park Inn Pulkovskaya” hotel (“Park Inn Pulkovskaya”), in addition to comfortable rooms, features a modern, well-equipped business centre with a Congress hall and two dozen meeting rooms and restaurants for special events there is a spacious Banquet facilities. All of these criteria, and the fact that a good location in the immediate vicinity of the airport, makes this hotel of St. Petersburg is a popular center of business tourism.

To list all hotels located in the Central part of the city on the Neva is almost impossible, as they comprise the majority of the six hundred-odd enterprises of hotel business, available today in Saint Petersburg. You can only add that all were warmly welcomes its guests coming from different uglow World of impressions and emotions, simultaneously solving the business issues.

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