Hotels in the centre of Prague

Prague – city of a hundred Golden domes and towers, a city of 1,400 monuments of culture and history where the middle ages mixed with modern, where you can find all architectural styles from Gothic and Baroque to cubism. Every year there come thousands of tourists to stroll through the crooked streets of the old city where every stone breathes history, on Wenceslas square, where there were so many significant events or Royal road, which went to the Czech crown for the coronation.

The centre of Prague is divided by the river into two parts: the Old and the New town on one side and a Small Country Park on the other side. The coast connect the bridges, many of which could tell its own story. The most famous of these is, of course, the Charles Bridge, one of the oldest in Europe, which currently is the favorite place of tourists, street performers and artists, as well as a favourite meeting place of lovers. The symbol of Prague – Prague Castle, before the Royal Palace, now the residence of the President of the Republic and Museum. The most famous landmark of Prague Castle and the Prague Cathedral of St. Vitus, place of storage of the crown jewels and the tomb of Czech kings. At Prague Castle you can find a lot of other monuments and galleries, the open air Museum is a famous Golden lane – during the reign of Emperor Rudolf the place of residence of the alchemists and magicians.

On the other side of the Vltava river is the Old town and the New Town. The heart of the Old town is the old town square where almost every house is under state protection as historical heritage. Here come the crowds of tourists look at the Prague Orloj, the clock that every hour on the hour beat “with the music”: in 2 boxes appear one after the other 12 apostles and other moving figures on the clock, every movement has its hidden meaning. You will need at least a few days to visit at least some of the sights of Prague. During your stay here You can stay downtown in a historic hotel with vaulted ceilings, a modern skyscraper, in a fabulous hotel or in a Palace, Prague offers hotels for every taste.

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