Most amazing and unusual hotels in Berlin

Due to the relatively low cost of housing and the openness to experiment, today Berlin attracts designers, writers, architects and artists from around the world. That is why this city could be called the new capital of innovation in culture. Not surprisingly, both of Berlin stand out for their unusual style.

Lux 11

Lux 11 is suitable for fashion crowd, loving all exclusive. The hotel has successfully created a modern, cosmopolitan, and futuristic at the same time a peaceful setting for those who want to stay away from the bustle of the city. It is located in the Mitte district – one of the trendiest and hottest parts of Berlin. Rooms with white walls and impeccable design are more like apartments than hotel rooms. The average cost of a night stay: $200.

You are probably familiar with fashion footwear brand Camper. So, now you can stay in Casa Camper. It is a modern hotel with emphasis on relaxation, comfort and friendliness. The rooms a homey atmosphere. Average cost: $260.

Q Hotel is a fashionable hotel with minimalist design and white and red interiors from libimagemagick Bureau of brad pitt Graft Group. Great attention given to details: in the lobby sounds hip music, along the white corridors stretched red carpets, and young attractive staff dressed in black. For glamorous young people. Average cost: $204.

Arcotel John F

As does Berlin, Arcotel John F is a cosmopolitan, vibrant place. Elegant glossy decorated Austrian industrial designer Harald Schreiber. Rooms combine modern decor and attention to detail. This is a very popular 4* hotel in the Mitte district, and in low price. Average cost: $166.

A small charming Art Nouveau hotel, recently underwent a renovation that carries the tradition of art Nouveau. The elegant themed rooms have high ceilings, Antiques, wooden floors and modern art. Even more attractive are doing it the old-fashioned Elevator with a wooden grid and attentive staff. Average cost: $175.

Ku Damm 101

Ku’damm 101 is a stylish budget hotel with a bright lobby in a futuristic design and industrial accommodation in a minimalistic style. Each room has designer furniture, bathroom is made in white. He is also famous for its convenient Central location, a popular bar with a terrace, sun Breakfast room, looking out over the rooftops of Berlin. Average cost: $140.

Motel One Berlin Mitte

It is ideal for those who are more restrained in vehicles. Offers fashionable, comfortable, modern room with retro design in turquoise, grey and white shades. The lobby floors are dark wood, square leather chairs and swivel chairs turquoise. Average cost: $104.

Truly unique


The Ostel is filled with nostalgia for the GDR: the walls in the rooms papered in the style of the ‘ 70s, there are artificial flowers, vases and old-fashioned radio, and even the original furniture from the time of the GDR. Average cost: $104.

MichelBerger founded by a group of friends had a vision to create a hotel with the atmosphere “as in the living room of your coolest friend”. The result: a stylish city hotel, transmitting the artistic and rebellious spirit of Berlin, located in the walls of an old factory. The rooms have high walls and huge Windows, old fashioned Wallpaper, designer fashion with flea markets and an extensive collection of books. Average cost: $98.

Propeller Island City Lodge Hotel

Perhaps this would have been the night in the gallery. Extraordinary, surreal Propeller Island is frequently in the lists of the most unusual hotels in the world. The rooms are decorated by the German sculptor Lars Strastnom. You can sleep in a coffin box with green walls, a cage or a cardboard box under the floor. Average price: $127.

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