Most unusual hotels

Of today — an indispensable attribute of almost any city. At least, if you have a bus or train station, buildings should be rest rooms for visitors. Settled in the hotel, view slides on the different warning signs that “Smoking is prohibited”, “alcoholic beverages” in certain places prohibited, “littering is forbidden” etc. etc. And what may be surprise when at the hotel there is a notice about that here “it is forbidden to lick the walls”…

A hotel with such warnings is in Bolivia and is built near the lake of Uyuni. Here is the world’s largest salt flat, total area of 10 thousand square kilometers of Several hotels built in the vicinity of the dry lake, as building materials used salt blocks. Not only the walls, floor and roof are composed of salts, but a large part of the furnishing of the rooms. Many tourists are strongly encouraged not to lick the walls to avoid weakening and destruction of the salt structures.

And in a different hotel in Sweden, and no walls at all. This hotel is called Faktum Hotels and is a type of charity.

Tourists are offered a choice of seats in the sleeping bag in different parts of the city (in an abandoned factory, under the bridge, in percept a tree), where homeless people usually spend the night. Revenue from such a hotel, organizers will send to help real homeless people, and tourists get an unforgettable experience, knowing how people live without their own roof over my head.

In the same of Sweden, in the country’s North have built a unique ice hotel which operates only in the cold season. It is completely built of ice and warm temperatures quickly destroyed. However, the interest of tourists to the coldest hotel in the world is so high that each year a hotel is built anew.

Fashionable ecological hotel is set in Australia. It consists of a large area of tropical forests, which was built 15 villas. Not one of them summed up the electricity required energy is derived from solar panels. Guests are offered a lunch of dishes made only from organic ingredients.

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