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Unusual hotels in the world

Collect unusual places on your travels. Then plan to stay once in each of these unusual hotels . Their geography is very diverse, so that will be where to turn.

So, let’s look at 10 most unusual places to stay that will make travelers rethink the word “comfort”.

1. An unusual hotel “Jumbo Stay” in the old Boeing 747. Sweden

Unusual guests at the Jumbo Stay Stockholm close to experiencing strange sensations when you check. Anyway, and to live inside a huge plane, very unusual. The most fashionable Suite in the cockpit, the rest rooms are also made very comfortable and yet romantic.

2. Unusual eco-hotel “Eco Camp Patagonia” in Chile

Unusual eco-hotel “Eco Camp Patagonia” is located quite near to the fantastic mountain peaks of the national Park Torres del Paine. All the houses this hotel was built on technologies of green building – building material – only natural wood. This hotel is a posh place for those who want to abstract away from civilization. Continue reading

Ten outrageously expensive hotels in the world

10. Ritz Carlton Located in the vicinity of red square and the Kremlin, cultural and business center of Moscow, the Ritz-Carlton, Moscow is on the 10th place of our list of the most expensive hotels in the world. It was built by order of the Kazakh real estate development company Capital Partner for money “Kazkommertsbank”. The 11-storey hotel with an area of about 60 thousand square meters, boasts one of the most expensive rooms apartment with an area of 760 square meters with views of the Kremlin and Red square, the library, Grand piano and panoramic Windows will cost 559,6 thousand. According to Forbes, the cost of the hotel may reach $500 million.

9. Burj Al Arab

The legendary Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, built in the shape of the sail, has long been a symbol of modern Dubai. The world’s only ‘seven star’ hotel stands on an artificial island 280 meters from the shore. Height 60-storey hotel-sails of 312 meters. The hotel has 202 duplex suites, from 169 to 780 square meters. How much money Jumeirah Group International has spent for the construction of a luxury hotel, the interior of which was used about eight thousand square meters of 22-carat gold leaf, were not disclosed. Continue reading

Famous hotels in the world

In order to feel like a movie star, you no longer need to “storm” “red track”, attend acting classes, and shove the elbows of competitors at multiple audition. You can just go to one of the hotels, which “played” the role in a big movie. Here is an overview of the famous hotels in the world, managed to become a real “movie stars”.

Beverly Wilshire Hotel (A Four Seasons Hotel), Los Angeles, USA

The lobby of the Beverly Wilshire Hotel is familiar to almost everyone, thanks to the movie “Pretty woman” with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in the lead roles. It is here that a shy millionaire Edward invited “the lady of the demi-Monde” Vivien. Thus began the love story of people of different classes and making the girls of easy virtue in a lady. Here is a mixture of “Cinderella” and “Pygmalion” in a modern way. To stay in the penthouse, Edward, unfortunately, it is impossible — it was a decoration, mounted directly in the lobby.

The staff at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel filmed the TV series “Entourage” — the story of the life of young “stars” of the movie Vincent chase and his loyal friends in Los Angeles. Continue reading

Raffles Hotel

Raffles hotel – a luxury symbol of Singapore

“Raffles Hotel is not just a hotel, it is a symbol. Raffles hotel is an oasis of colonial style, calm and chic in the heart of modern Singapore. “. So here clearly and concisely described the complex of the famous Hotel Raffles. “Legendary service since 1887” – a luxury 5-star hotel and one of the main attractions of Singapore.

Strolling through the shady courtyards and shopping arcades, it is easy to imagine, as there were ladies dressed in fabulous outfits with Lacy parasols, gentlemen in bars and Smoking a cigar, sipping a gin and tonic, well-trained footmen opened in front of the famous guests of the restaurants, on the lawn with a Belvedere was arranged receptions outdoors.

The story originates from ancient Persia (Iran). Or rather, from enterprising Armenian Sarkies brothers (or Sarkis Sarkisian) born in Persia. Four brothers have created a network of luxurious hotels in Southeast Asia, every traveller was able to escape from the noisy bustle of Asian cities and to plunge into the atmosphere of style, service, and comfort of great Britain’s colonial rule. Continue reading

Hotels haunted

On the last day of October the United States and Europe to celebrate Halloween day, long ago turned into a feast of fun without borders and dark suits.

People are happy to frighten and afraid. What can scare more than a night spent in a hotel room somewhere with a Ghost or mysterious history?

So, choose the place of accommodation on the night of 31 October to 1 November.

The Parador de Cardona in Barcelona not everyone will dare to spend the night in room 712. In him spontaneously moving furniture. And sometimes the wandering Ghost of a knight in armour and a weeping girl.

The hotel Palacio Guendulain in Pamplona, guests see the Ghost of someone who once fell from the window of his room.

By the way, the body was never found.

The Stanley Hotel (USA): room 408 at night, heard children’s screams and opening the valves. Continue reading

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