Whether it is necessary to reconstruct old hotels

Most of the hotels in Ukraine is still the old hotels that were created during perestroika the Soviet era. Gradually these objects are placed in the renovation and conversion, however, the most successful, which is located in Kiev city centre, while the hotel, located on the outskirts of the city attract attention only by individual enthusiasts from the scope of hotel investments.

Soviet hotels are a real goldmine for investors. At least against the number. Today the main part of the hotel, as before, is represented in the format of placing Soviet targets. It would seem that this area is a Paradise for investment. However, this view is false. Almost all of the Soviet format was obsolete from the point of view of structural characteristics: they have rooms small area, the common areas are implemented is extremely inefficient, and this makes the process of improving the efficiency of hotels is very difficult. That is why, most of these hotels remains in its legacy state, bringing their owners much less profit than it could with proper organization, while investors do not risk to invest in them.

However, among development companies and operators of Gostinichnaya, there are those who take the reconstruction into their own hands, risking much. Continue reading

The most expensive hotels casinos in the world

The five most expensive casino in the world

Annually gambling brings to the budgets of the countries on whose territory are located the casino, from 5 to 15% of your total income. Huge profits are generated mainly due to the considerable costs: in order to attract visitors gambling establishments strive to be the best in everything.

Luxurious interiors, advertising campaigns, card tables, covered with velvet, slot machines, made to order, spectacular show-programs and other expensive things – all this creates the image of the casino. But, most importantly, that these costs are quite justified: according to estimates, each dollar invested in the casino brings net profit in the amount of five dollars. In addition, thanks to open information from financial reports, managed to compile a ranking of the most expensive gambling establishments. among which the first honorary five of the seats are occupied:

Open in April 2005 in Las Vegas, this place has cost its owners at 2.7 billion dollars, turning it into a school-class. The hotel has over 2700 rooms, the Windows of which are covered with gold plating, and the view is just amazing. In the casino you can win car brand Ferrari or Maserati, Wynn is the official automotive partner of these holdings. On-site casino has more than 18 restaurants and its own waterfall. Continue reading

Legendary Arab network Jumeirah

Luxury Arab hotel operator Jumeirah Group, a portfolio consisting of the famous Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai, will open a hotel in St. Petersburg. Today, the company announced that it had entered into a management contract with the investor on reconstruction of a historical building on Nevsky prospect, 7/9 (“House of Vavelberg” area of 9100 sq. m.), – the “IFG “Basis-project”. The hotel has 74 rooms, including 18 suites, there will also be three restaurants and bar, international cuisine, RA-salon, Spa rooftop pool, conference center, and a gallery of luxury boutiques, facing Nevsky Prospekt, the report said Jumeirah. The reconstruction of the building on the corner of Nevsky prospect and Malaya Morskaya street will last three years.

This is the first contract for the management of the hotel in Russia, said a spokesman for Jumeirah group. The company continues to consider address in Moscow, but so far there is no solution, she says. According to her, Petersburg is a key focus for Jumeirah, the hotel, the opening of which is planned in three years, will be designed not only for wealthy travelers, but also for business travellers. Continue reading

Design decor hotels

To prepare for a new day in the bright, sun-drenched Paris the bathroom of the hotel Le Bristol (Oetker Collection). And if the mood is able to influence the surrounding world, then this day is sure to be successful!

In our new travel-album —

the most impressive bathrooms of hotels, from new York to the Plaza Athenee, Four Seasons resort Langkawi.

Draw inspiration from professionals whose credo is “beauty, functionality, comfort”! And maybe this summer you want to see in the bathroom a tropical lagoon or branch of philosophical aesthetics Asia.

Aristocratic bathroom Hôtel The Peninsula Paris one of its kind is preparing for the release, Recalling that in the wardrobe “misses” gown haute couture.

Take a bath in one of our favourite hotels — Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace in St. Petersburg — best with an armful of favorite verses. Continue reading

An unusual hotel for people with special dreams

If you want to sleep in a coffin or sleeping. unusual place to visit in the cell for prisoners to sleep on blocks of concrete, then you direct road in “Propeller island city Lodge”, located in the German capital.

If you literally translate the name of this hotel, it sounds approximately so: “Island with a propeller”.

The hotel has forty five rooms, each of which has a unique and individual interior.

This hotel designed by the famous German artist L. Stroshane.

This hotel has four stars. It is located in the Charlottenburg district of Berlin, located in the South-Western part of the capital of Germany. The hotel is private property.

“L’ile a helice” is the title of the work of the famous writer Jules Verne. It served and the name of the hotel.

The hotel has a room that can feel like a character from a famous movie “the Shawshank redemption”. This room is called “freedom”. This room is very much nominating camera. Continue reading

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