Most unusual hotels in Turkey 5 stars

Luxury holidays in Turkey – one of directions of our activity. As a tour operator in the country, we offer the best Turkey hotels 5 star, famous far beyond its borders. It is visiting Turkey get acquainted with the concept of luxury vacation.

The country’s infrastructure at all development continues from year to year to improve and modernize existing hotels Turkey 5 star periodically closed for repair and updating of material and technical base. In this new erected around the coast of the Mediterranean, Black and Aegean VIP hotels Turkey can cause exclamations of genuine delight perfection of architecture, the elegant proportions, original design and the interior design of the rooms. Antalya, Belek, Kemer and Alanya are competing, whose hotels of Turkey of 5 stars more beautiful, more modern and better.

We hasten to correct this unfortunate mistake, and to acquaint our readers with the most outstanding, in the literal and figurative sense, 5-star hotels in Turkey. Continue reading

The Legendary youth hotel in Egypt

Advantages: swimming pools with slides, a large well-kept grounds, a zoo, ai clock, the staff speaks Russian, clean, beautiful sea

Cons: the animation could be better, the pills on linen, small beach with few loungers by the pool, the problems are not solved, old furniture

Good day to you, my precious readers!

I recently arrived from Egypt and I want with the heat-to-heat, while impressions are still fresh, to share with you the review about the hotel Dessole Royal Rojana Resort 5* which is located in Sharm El Sheikh.

Hotel map

Two years ago my husband and I have vacationed at the hotel Dessole, Pyramisa in Sharm too. Therefore, know the General principles of the organization of rest in hotels of this network. At the time, Rojana resounded all over Russia. Many friends said then that this is the most amazing youth hostel where you won’t get bored. Not without drawbacks, of course, but as they say, where they do not exist? Continue reading

Golden Sands

Bulgaria is one of the States of Europe that can be proud of its rich history. The country has had a great impact on the global community.

Comfortable climatic conditions, sea, mountains, sun, beautiful nature – all this was the reason that Bulgaria today is a modern European resort, which is popular with tourists from all over the world. Having booked a tour to Bulgaria, You and Your family will spend unforgettable holidays, get a lot of pleasant experiences and learn something new about the culture of this people. Good time you can tour local attractions.

In Bulgaria there are many wonderful places to stay, from resorts special love at tourists resort of Golden Sands .

It has everything for a perfect holiday – a warm ocean, pristine beaches, comfortable hotels. The resort is located in a unique natural area, which fully reflects the beauty of Bulgaria and every year welcomes many visitors. Bulgaria is not only clean Sands and sea, but also a great place for lovers of the ski slopes. The country invests huge investments in the development of tourism. Modern resort complexes, parks, recreational areas, clean beaches, modern equipment and tracks for skiing – in any of bramaged tourist will be able to spend a nice holiday with the whole family. Continue reading

Exclusive hotels in “Biblio-Globus”

New season — new plans

As you know, “Biblio Globus” has announced its entry into the Turkish direction only last year and it immediately became the tourist market the main intrigue. Of course, longtime players will immediately notice in the “alien” strong opponent, and tried to protect him from their “property”.

In TortoiseSVN, as well as in the media and then reported cheating of the tour operator. In particular, it was discussed that “Biblio Globus” put on sale hotels with which it contracts, and is stated by the tour operator, the volume of carriage is not covered with “someone”. However, these messages has not been confirmed, and the player has proven to be the case — their strength before going on the direction he calculated to the last detail, and all offered in the booking system of hotels placed the tour operator without any problems.

Last year the company worked in Turkey clearly and coherently, well, and this season decided to consolidate the success and to continue to explore the Turkish coast. The plans “Biblio Globus” on Turkey — Grand, he plans to send 500 thousand tourists, which is 2.5 times more than last year. Continue reading

The most unusual hotels in the world

The sphere of HoReCa – the most extensive and available to work on it. It’s industry restaurant and hotel business, and here, in addition to staff hotels, restaurants, bars, chefs, managers and other employees, there is huge scope for the imagination of architects and designers. Build the most unusual and unique restaurant or hotel its a dream of every owner. That is why, sometimes, the architects are not shy to Express themselves. Many projects are still part of the idea, but soon, most likely, they will expect the same success as cosmetics magic glance .

One of the amazing project is called the Shanghai Wuzhou International Plaza and provides the location of under water, 10 meters from the ground level. The hotel must be duplex, and the upper disk will be placed at a height of 7 meters above the sea level. The uniqueness of the project is that the lower, the hotel part of the complex, can be raised to the upper disk by means of a special lift. The architects have removed the most special attention to the safety of the project, because it was necessary to consider both land and underwater force majeure. Continue reading

The most amazing hotels in the world
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Hotel The Byron Hotel, Italy
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