Raffles Hotel

Raffles hotel – a luxury symbol of Singapore

“Raffles Hotel is not just a hotel, it is a symbol. Raffles hotel is an oasis of colonial style, calm and chic in the heart of modern Singapore. “. So here clearly and concisely described the complex of the famous Hotel Raffles. “Legendary service since 1887” – a luxury 5-star hotel and one of the main attractions of Singapore.

Strolling through the shady courtyards and shopping arcades, it is easy to imagine, as there were ladies dressed in fabulous outfits with Lacy parasols, gentlemen in bars and Smoking a cigar, sipping a gin and tonic, well-trained footmen opened in front of the famous guests of the restaurants, on the lawn with a Belvedere was arranged receptions outdoors.

The story originates from ancient Persia (Iran). Or rather, from enterprising Armenian Sarkies brothers (or Sarkis Sarkisian) born in Persia. Four brothers have created a network of luxurious hotels in Southeast Asia, every traveller was able to escape from the noisy bustle of Asian cities and to plunge into the atmosphere of style, service, and comfort of great Britain’s colonial rule.

Raffles hotel first opened in Singapore in 1887 and at that time was a Bungalow of 10 rooms on the beach. The following years the hotel was upset, and balapulang becoming known. The main building, where guests stop to this day, was opened in 1899. Raffles Hotel is still situated at the intersection of Bras Basah Road and Beach Road (beach road), sea nearby, but not anymore. Due to the state program to increase the territory of Singapore from Raffles hotel to the sea is at least 500 meters.

Most of the Raffles site is open to the public and anyone can stroll through the shopping arcade with boutiques, a drink famous cocktail Singapore Sling in the famous Long Bar, to taste the taste of the classics at any of 15 restaurants and bars or relax in a cozy courtyard with benches and umirotvorenie gurgling fountain.

The lobby greets guests with colorful hotel in the livery of the Sikh and the turban is also open to the public, if you are dressed appropriately (not allowed in shorts and flip-flops). Located in the lobby “Bar Writers” (Writers Bar) open from 11:00 to 22:00.

Interesting facts about the hotel Raffles:

Raffles Hotel is named after the founder of Singapore Sir Stamford Raffles (Sir Thomas Stamford Bingley Raffles).

Popular cocktail the Singapore Sling (Singapore Sling) was invented in the Raffles hotel “Long bar” (the Long Bar) in 1915, which today anyone can drink a glass of this famous wine (or a couple). It is believed that only in the Raffles hotel to try the “real” Singapore Sling (original recipe, which, incidentally, was lost and recreated from the memories of a bartender working at the Long Bar);

During the occupation of Singapore by Japan (1942 – 1945), the hotel was renamed Syonan Ryokan (“light of the South”) and was used as a transit camp for prisoners of war;

In 1987, the Raffles hotel was declared a National monument of Singapore;

The cost of accommodation – from USD 400 per night (to book a room in Raffles hotel );

Twelve of the 103 rooms of the hotel personified and associated with distinguished guests staying in the Raffles Hotel (Charlie Chaplin, William Somerset Maugham, andré Malraux, Rudyard Kipling, Ava Gardner, Gavin young, James albert Michener, John Thomson, John Wayne, Joseph Conrad, Noel Coward, Pablo Neruda). This is an opportunity for fans to live in the apartment of his idol;

Joseph Conrad, staying at the Raffles hotel, wrote the beginning of the story “Typhoon”;

Rudyard Kipling mentions the Raffles hotel in the story “Providence”;

Somerset Maugham had in the hotel private apartments and called Raffles Hotel the legendary symbol of Singapore;

Raffles Hotel – the scene of the novel Ryu Murakami’s “Raffles Hotel”. The movie was filmed here;

Ornamental cast-iron fountain was made in Scotland in the 1890s and donated to the hotel in 1990.

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