The best Odessa hotels

Six hours and taxied at your feet, splashing the salty water of the Black sea. You’re sipping Prosecco, enjoying the magical sea and sunset views, while sitting in a soft chair in the white Bungalow. All the anxiety of the big city left in the bustling metropolis: in front of sweet Odessa weekend with loud parties, magnificent sunsets, and cool sea breezes.

JS Club made a selection of the best hotels of Odessa sea for a magical weekend.

The resort complex Palace Del Mar Is a restored landmark building, which combined with the magnificent interior makes absolutely unique effect: unique stained glass Windows, chandeliers, handmade furniture, Park, showcasing over 200 species of plants. The hotel has just 29 rooms of different categories. Most rooms have outdoor terraces with breathtaking scenery. For subscribers JS Club discount of 10 to 15% on accommodation.

Boutique hotel Panorama de Luxe hotel Odessa “Panorama De Luxe” takes a special place. The hotel is the best hotel in Odessa, it is located in the heart of the city on a plot of parkland with stunning panoramic views of the Black sea. The hotel is built according to the most modern standards and latest technologies, making it the most progressive of existing ones. For subscribers JS Club 15% discount on accommodation.

The hotel Villa Le rgames the birth of the black sea pearl and the building of the Central part of Odessa, Big Fountain district, which stretches along the black sea coast of the city, became a place of rest, sea bathing, recreation and permanent residence of the Odessa elite XVIII–XIX centuries. That is why the Black sea, the site of an ancient Villa that has preserved the memory of their splendid past, in 2012 born a new masterpiece – a modern five-star hotel complex Villa le Premier. For subscribers JS Club 14% discount on accommodation for non-refundable rate.

The hotel Bristol is part of the Luxury Collection hotels is a collection of the most famous and legendary hotels in the world and for over 100 years as a centre of cultural and business life of Odessa and choice for illustrious guests visiting the city on the Black sea. Bristol, built in 1899 on the project of Alexander Bernardatsi, recognized as the most famous Odessa landmark and popular tourist destination of the place of residence. For subscribers JS Club 30% discount on accommodation.

OTRADA hotel Guests will appreciate the close proximity of the hotel to the business center of Odessa, and after the business meetings and negotiations can relax by the sea in the beach complex of the hotel or stroll along the sea Boulevard. For subscribers JS Club 20% discount on accommodation .

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