The famous beaches of the world

The famous beaches of the world

For anybody not a secret the fact that the bulk of tourists around the world prefer beach rest. The fact that a vacation near any coast is not only comfortable, but also good for health. In this article we look at the most popular beaches in the world that will help You to relax near the water under the sun.

The country occupies an honourable place among the countries having on their territory the beautiful beaches. Special attention here should be paid to the unique island called Hayman, who is known as the location of the best beaches in the world. Here everyone can enjoy a comfortable beach vacation in addition to adventure, luxury and natural beauty.

The beaches to the Gods – is generally a separate topic, about which you can talk for hours. Today it’s hard to meet the tourist who has not heard from the beaches of the Hawaiian Islands. Among the features of these beaches are the fact that they are surrounded by crystal clear water and amazing nature, which results in a pleasant shock. It is necessary to tell and about the hotel complex called the Ocean Club, which is surrounded by many beaches.

This country is also popular among tourists as a great place for a beach holiday. Brazil is annually visited by millions of tourists, in order to enjoy a comfortable beach vacation, and also to see their glazemeister local nature. The most popular beach in Brazil is Copacabana, in Rio de Janeiro. This beach is quite broad stripe of pure and pleasant to the touch sand.

France is famous for many attractions and places for recreation, among which wants to highlight the hotel du Cap-Eden Roc. It is worth noting that this hotel is called the most beautiful resort in the world. The fact that it is in the southern part of the Cape called Antibes. This hotel is also famous for its beaches, which are among the best in the world.

Indonesia also takes a place of honor among the countries that have the most beautiful beaches of comfortable. In Indonesia it is very popular island of Bali, where You can see really unique beaches. This beach vacation is hard to imagine without comfortable hotel. This hotel is Four Seasons Resort.

In addition, you may single out the following places that are ideal for a beach holiday:


The beaches in Santa Monica;

The Beaches Of Greece;

The beaches of Thailand and much more.

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