The Grand hotel Chateau Frontenac

The award-winning Grand hotel Chateau Frontenac is located in the historic part of Quebec city and the province in Canada. In a literal sense, he stands in KOs Diamond tall on the foreshore of the river St. Lawrence. The rooms pompous of her round-the-clock guests can admire the magnificent panorama of the city and to admire its beauty.

The facade of the Grand hotel Château Frontenac looks great that fits the style of the middle ages, which is incorporated in the look of the French Palace Chateau. A classic example of the castle presents the famous Palais Versailles, a summer mission on the outskirts of Paris, designed for the kings of France.

The exquisite hotel was built at the request of the leadership of the Canadian Pacific railway. Doors to first visitors it was opened in 1893, the Erection of the Grand hotel château Frontenac was assigned to the American architect Bruce price. Subsequently the original building has undergone some changes. Thus in 1926 it acquired the mid donjon and some other structures. The huge hotel name was given in honour of Louis de Buade. the count de Frontenac. He was at the forefront of education, Canada being in the XVII century in the rank of Governor of the colony of New France.

It is known that the attraction of the hotel is associated with its location and high cachestoreprivate. A sufficient number of famous hotels light can boast of such a paramount circumstances. However, not all strike the attention of others to their luxurious appearance. Namely the inimitable architecture classifies the Grand hotel château Frontenac to the business card and easily recognizable landmarks not only the canadian city of Quebec, but also the country as a whole.

This circumstance made a lush view of the Chateau Frontenac hotel, which is most often in the world photographed by tourists. And that’s why 1981 brought the news that the castle of the sample Quebec, the Grand hotel is included in the list of National historic sites of Canada.

To rent a room in the Grand hotel, a building that very much looks like Hogwarts school of wizards from the “Harry Potter “, affordable for wealthy guests. Very often there live wealthy travelers and celebrities that come in various cases in Quebec. In years gone by, in the château Frontenac. for example, not once held a meeting of the heads of the UK and the USA – Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt. From November to April, the prices for lodging in one of the rooms of the hotel are significantly reduced, which will allow you to stay in a hotel and the average tourists.

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