The legendary hotel Sacher in Vienna

The history of this hotel began long before its construction by Eduard Sacher in 1876. The father of the owner of the hotel, Franz Sacher, being a 16-year-old boy on court cuisine, accidentally invented the world-famous chocolate cake sachertorte. The formulation of this confection still kept as the Apple of his eye. The cake is deservedly one of the symbols of Vienna.

Once he was on the verge of bankruptcy, the descendants of an outstanding chef had to sell an original dessert recipe and a production pastry chef-competitor Demelo. Legal battles about the rights to the name of the original Sacher-cake lasted many more years and eventually ended with a Solomon solution: a coffee shop sells Zakharov of the cake with a layer of jam inside the sponge, and a coffee shop Demel – with the same layer of jam on top of the biscuit. However, any café in Vienna you will receive unsurpassed in its Sacher torte, which you will be served with delicate whipped cream, to make it even thinner to shade their Symphony chocolate with a hint of sour apricot jam.

There is the hotel Sacher has over 130 years and during that time managed to change their owners. In 1934, the hotel was bought by the family Gurtler. Since the opening Hotel Sacher (Sacher torte, Vienna) loved to meet the cream of society: aristocrats, artists, politicians. Within the walls of this hotel stayed nastojashaja.

In 2004 he was produced a large-scale reconstruction. In addition to capacity, the update includes restaurants, bars, expanded hotel lobby. There were also built two upper floors under 42 rooms, the project was supervised by architect Pierre Yves Rochon.

Anna Sacher, who owned the hotel from 1892 to 1930, was known throughout Vienna for its extravagance. She could easily refuse room unfamiliar millionaire, and in December 1921, his passionate voice stopped working, a few minutes before this defeated a number of hotels nearby…

What good is the “Sacher Hotel”? It always live the most eminent guests, besides, he’s three steps away from the Vienna Opera.

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