The Legendary youth hotel in Egypt

Advantages: swimming pools with slides, a large well-kept grounds, a zoo, ai clock, the staff speaks Russian, clean, beautiful sea

Cons: the animation could be better, the pills on linen, small beach with few loungers by the pool, the problems are not solved, old furniture

Good day to you, my precious readers!

I recently arrived from Egypt and I want with the heat-to-heat, while impressions are still fresh, to share with you the review about the hotel Dessole Royal Rojana Resort 5* which is located in Sharm El Sheikh.

Hotel map

Two years ago my husband and I have vacationed at the hotel Dessole, Pyramisa in Sharm too. Therefore, know the General principles of the organization of rest in hotels of this network. At the time, Rojana resounded all over Russia. Many friends said then that this is the most amazing youth hostel where you won’t get bored. Not without drawbacks, of course, but as they say, where they do not exist?

But at the moment places in Royal Rojana was not, so we decided to go to Tiramisu, which was almost next door to Rojunai the same Profitable. By the way, did not regret it, the rest went off with a Bang, there really was a lot of fun. The service,however, then disappoint, but this does not affect the positive energy, which we then received.

Already then I thought. If everything here is so cool (I’m talking about “youth”, fun and entertainment), then how is it too good to be true must be in this respect in Rogane!

And so, this year my husband decided to go again to Egypt. And when a representative of a travel Agency offered us to choose to stay at Dessole Royal Rojana Resort 5*, we immediately agreed.

First, it should be noted that the network Dessole there is such a thing as a permanent guest. It is easy to guess that we are talking about people who are already vacationing in hotels of this network and came again.

These guests have some privileges, which can be obtained from the staff:

1). Settling into a more comfortable rooms.

2). A fruit basket, which should be waiting for you in your room or appear the next day, if the staff were not aware of your arrival.

3). Closed cocktail party for returning guests 1 times a week.

4). Free late check-out on departure day (subject to availability).

So we have been such regular guests .

1. The territory of the hotel . The hotel itself consists of 2-storey houses on the territory of a zoo with ostriches and pelicans, free gym, football field, tennis courts, Playground for beach volleyball, kids club, shops. There is even a green area where you can walk bare feet on the soft fresh grass and lie on the hammocks . Previously, I have never seen this.

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