The most amazing hotels in the world

Travel light – in itself an inexhaustible source of impressions and discoveries, but exploring new or favorite places provedenie you can always make it even more memorable, adding a trip stop in an unusual hotel.

Travel light – in itself an inexhaustible source of impressions and discoveries, but exploring new or favorite places provedenie you can always make it even more memorable, adding a trip stop in an unusual hotel.

There are many different ways to make the hotel unique. For some the key factor is the location where the crowds of tourists eager to spend the night in an original and even exotic conditions, and highlight other hotels – the unique architecture. Be that as it may, among a motley series modern amazing hotels, probably everyone will find something attractive. Soul enthusiastic traveler certainly can not resist from spending the night in the cube on the tree or the cabin of an aircraft.

1. “The house Houdeng”, the hotel with a glass floor, Indonesia

This incredible place is named “House shrimp” for a reason: being located directly over a pond teeming with these creatures, the hotel “House of Houdeng” is waiting for guests who appreciate the stunning beauty of the underwater world. The rooms are absolutely transparent floors, allowing you to admire the lives of the inhabitants of the pond right under my feet.

2. “Demagogia”, Turkey

The landscape of Cappadocia is made up of valleys, canyons and large plateaus of volcanic rock. Over time, the coating of soft lava rock, known as tufa, under the influence of strong winds and flood waters acquired the look of a quaint peak or stone pillars of various shapes.

Local rock as soft as pumice, making it easy to hollow out caves and convenient to form these unusual dwellings for tourists.

3. Hotel on the tree, the mirrorcube, Sweden

Large cube hotel size is 4x4x4 meters and covered with mirrors, reflects the forest surrounding it, thanks to it becoming almost invisible. With such a skill “camouflage”, however, involve some problems: at a certain angle cube, lurking in the trees becomes practically invisible to birds who are at risk with a sweep to crash into him. But a solution was found and the hotel walls are coated with infrared film, invisible to humans but highly visible to birds.

4. Wood hotels “bird’s nest”, “Dragonfly”, and “UFO”, Specieswide forest near the town of Harads, in the wilds which can detect the above-mentioned “Mirror cube”, a rich and at other places unusual tourist destinations. Advanced architects of Sweden has undertaken such an interesting project and presented a number of entertaining mini-hotels with in addition to interesting appearance, a full hotel service.

“Bird’s nest”

5. Eco-houses Koerbin, Sweden

This place is called the most primitive hotel in Sweden: there’s no electricity, no shower and luxury elements, only the spirit of nature around. And with all this huge number of people from around the world seeks to live in these austere houses! So they definitely lurks something special…

6. Hotel Harry Potter, UK

Recently opened in the London hotel Harry Potter will allow fans of the legendary book rooms, identical rooms of the school of magic Hogwarts. In addition, historical 19th century building, guests will appreciate the authentic pillars, cauldrons for potions and spell books.

7. Hotel-plane, Costa Rica

In the National Park “Manuel Antonio” is waiting for guests the hotel located inside of 1965 Boeing 727 airplane. In my previous life the aircraft was carrying travelers under the control of the company “Airlines of South Africa”, and currently it is a room with two attractive bedrooms, primates on the edge of the rainforest overlooking the beach and ocean.

8. The Hotel “V8”, Germany

Welcome to the pretty hotel “V8” of Stuttgart, offering 34 guest rooms, many of which are neatly decorated in a car theme. Some rooms even contain real cars.

9. The Hotel “Wanderlust”, Singapore

Experimental boutique hotel “Wanderlust” attracts a wide range of themed entertainment, as well as colorful design. It offers among other things is decorated with picturesque mosaics hot tub.

10. The Hotel “Caravan”, Germany

For those who want not only to pass a few nights in a fancy hotel, but also to meet interesting people, finding new friends in Berlin hospitably opened the hotel “Caravan”. Its spacious rooms are comfortably settled these travel trailers, the very “homes” that can be seen on the campsite. In each room can comfortably accommodate, getting an extraordinary experience and a lot of impressions.

11. “Trubostal”, Mexico

In Morelos, Mexico, built another unusual hotel. The owner sought to build in the short term cheap, clean and affordable hotel, and to implement their views, hired architect Studio T3arc. Creative architect took as the basis of project segments of large concrete pipes that were stacked in pyramids of three, become comfortable and interesting hotel rooms with beautiful panoramic views of the beauty of the local nature.

12. The tree house at lion Sands, South Africa

A fun and romantic addition to Safari be in popular African tourist destinations hotels in the format of the tree house. Take a break from staying in the stylish hotel to spend a night under the stars outdoors. With such a leisure traveler can be incredibly close to nature, while maintaining the comfort and elegance of a 5 star hotel.

13. The Cave Of Batman, Taiwan

The name of this hotel says more than any description. Those who dreamed to find yourself in the chambers of a noble dark knight, there will finally be able to realize their dreams.

14. The Hotel “Panton”, Belgium

In this Paradise of Brussels for designers, guests have the opportunity to dive into the realm of bright minimalism. Designed by architect Olivier Hunnert and interior designer Michelle Penniman in the hotel there are seven color palettes adorning the 59 unique rooms.

15. The Lake Palace, India

Romantic hotel built in the 18th century, impresses with its Regal elegance and privacy to visit this former Royal Palace is possible only on a special motorboat.

16. Hotel 007, France

Designers, making this hotel, have tried to take from the films about James bond for a maximum chic. Golden toilets, Turkish bath, mirrored ceiling, lamps in the shape of Golden pistols, and, of course, a huge TV with an archive of films about the adventures of bond, as well as themed mini-bar, electronic safe and bathrobes.

17. The Hotel “Propeller Island”, Germany

The rooms of this hotel in Berlin designed to carry out the most risky dream guests regarding extravagant recreation. Among the variety of rooms in the style of Dracula, in the form of a field for mini-Golf, prison cells and even a brothel something close to his fantasies will be able to find each. For the absolute masters in hotel store room, in which everything is only as upside down.

18. Castle Rabati, Georgia

Rare examples of debatebi (traditional Georgian houses) and amazing scenic landscapes of Akhaltsikhe can meet around located on the hill of the castle, which was built in the 12th century. On the territory of Rabati there is a synagogue, an Armenian Church and a Catholic Church.

19. “Palace of salt”, Bolivia

“Palace of salt” – the amazing beauty of the hotel, built of salt blocks in the largest salt flat in the world of Salvar de Yuni.

20. The hotel “Dog woof”, USA

GOSTINICA in the shape of a Beagle is one of the most popular attractions of Idaho. Of course, the rooms there are also numerous elements and accessories on a dog theme.

The most amazing hotels in the world
Travel light – in itself an inexhaustible source of impressions and discoveries, but exploring new or favorite places provedenie you can always make it even more memorable, adding a trip…

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