The most expensive hotels casinos in the world

The five most expensive casino in the world

Annually gambling brings to the budgets of the countries on whose territory are located the casino, from 5 to 15% of your total income. Huge profits are generated mainly due to the considerable costs: in order to attract visitors gambling establishments strive to be the best in everything.

Luxurious interiors, advertising campaigns, card tables, covered with velvet, slot machines, made to order, spectacular show-programs and other expensive things – all this creates the image of the casino. But, most importantly, that these costs are quite justified: according to estimates, each dollar invested in the casino brings net profit in the amount of five dollars. In addition, thanks to open information from financial reports, managed to compile a ranking of the most expensive gambling establishments. among which the first honorary five of the seats are occupied:

Open in April 2005 in Las Vegas, this place has cost its owners at 2.7 billion dollars, turning it into a school-class. The hotel has over 2700 rooms, the Windows of which are covered with gold plating, and the view is just amazing. In the casino you can win car brand Ferrari or Maserati, Wynn is the official automotive partner of these holdings. On-site casino has more than 18 restaurants and its own waterfall.

This hotel casino opened in 1999 in Macau, and in 2003 a new upravlyayuschie breathed new life into it. The construction costs amounted to $ 1.5 billion: the hotel was extended to 8100 rooms and inside the casino recreates a little of Venice, where visitors got the opportunity to have a break from gambling in a real gondola, floating through the artificial channels.

This entertainment complex occupies 17 hectares of land of Vegas. The hotel is the largest in the world and has 2,084 rooms. Gambling hall casino MGM is interesting because it not only take bets on any sport, but I suggest visitors to watch matches and tournaments in the comfort on the big screen.

Caesars Palace opened its doors to the public in 1966 in Vegas and since then it has changed many owners. In 2005, this hotel-casino was purchased by Harrah’s Entertainment Corporation and since then every year his income is more than $ 10 billion. And no wonder – because the entertainment complex, decorated completely in an antique style attracts millions of tourists.

Compared with other world casino The Palms stands out architectural delights or size: the hotel comprises a total of 702 rooms, and gaming rooms do not differ from other institutions. However, there is one single distinguishing feature, thanks to which the casino earns 40 000 dollars in one night. The secret is simple – here is the Playboy Club and carried out the most famous shows related to the brand of Hugh Hefner. To play roulette or card games are desired by all men – because the casino’s dealers are exceptionally cute Bunny from the Playboy show.

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