The most expensive hotels in the world

Burj Al Arab.

Today, when the world appears more and more tourists and people are increasingly eager to discover new spaces of our vast planet, the hotel business has become quite important and lucrative. But what hotels tend to visit the powerful? One of the most expensive hotels in the world in our time is the famous Burj al Arab . which means “the Arab tower”. It is located in the United Arab Emirates is an island near Dubai.

In appearance Burj al Arab resembles a sail and is striking in its uniqueness, beauty and style. The opening of this wonderful institution took place in 1999, and its development was the English architect Tom Wright. The construction of the hotel was carried out on a specially created artificial island connected to the mainland by a guarded bridge length of 280 meters. Building height of 321 meters.

The hotel comprises 27 floors and 202 luxury two-storey rooms with huge Windows on all wall. The rooms size varies from 170 to 780 sq. m. Will please visitors of the Burj al Arab has an interesting design, furnishing and technical equipment of each room. So, here you can find all the necessary equipment, including televisions, laptops, personal computers, printers, Fax machines and DVD players. Also in each room there is air-conditioning, Jacuzzi, satellite TV, Internet access, mini-bar,hair dryer, iron and much more.

Decoration the designers used expensive materials, including gold leaf. In the lobby is a multi-tiered fountain with lights, flanked by two escalators and large built-in aquariums. In General the hotel is at the highest level, and it can be called seven-star hotel.

The cost of staying in one of the most expensive hotels in the world is quite impressive. A normal room will cost visitors in 1,5 – 15 thousand dollars, and for the most expensive apartments have to pay about 30 thousand dollars. In addition to the rooms in Burj al Arab, there are also many entertainment centres, restaurants, cafes, shops, beauty salons, laundries and other useful institutions.

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