The MOST expensive hotels of Turkey

The most elite, and therefore the most expensive hotel in Turkey, should definitely have 5 stars. Of the most luxurious and elegant hotels it is possible to highlight some of the most popular among the elite.

The elegance of Oriental luxury in the details

Mardan Palace – a Palace which today is the most popular place of residence among the people, absolutely not accustomed themselves anything to deny. It was built quite recently – in 2009, and its construction had cost a record for Turkey and a half million dollars. Beaches Mardan Palace is still deservedly considered the best in the country, and the most delicate sand was delivered from Egypt. It is the location of the largest artificial pool in Turkey. The hotel Mardan Palace is quite small rooms – a total of 560, and it is not much for such a Grand structure. The price for living in their comes to $ 20,000 in just one night.

The Palace of Oriental tales

Kempinski Hotel Barbaros is another magnificent castle, which boasts a tropical atmosphere, calm and absolute silence. It is a relaxed atmosphere of refined luxury attracts many Hollywood stars, who are tired of camera flashes and want on holiday only peace and privacy. Here, every customer will be surrounded with atmosphere of luxury and a truly Oriental chic. Every detail of the interior has ogranitschena and plunges into the Eastern tale.

The opportunity to feel like a Sultan

In Istanbul you can visit the luxurious Palace-hotel Ciragan Palace. He’s still in the XVI century was the favorite recreation place of Ottoman sultans. Even then, this place has become one of the most beautiful Palace for the Sultan of leisure from state Affairs and the conduct of war. You can feel what it was like for the rulers of those years in these luxury apartments.

The most expensive room in Ciragan Palace – of course, stunning Sultan Suite (it will cost $ 7,500 per night). This building is also interesting from a historical point of view, because you will live in the chambers, the interior of which is fully consistent with the spirit of the era.

Rixos Premium Bobrum is not less than a luxury hotel of premium class. Rixos Premium Bobrum situated in a natural pine forest. Top class service, elegance, luxury and, naturally, very high price of accommodation – its main features. But it’s certainly worth it.

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