The most famous hotels

Based on the rating of the online search engine Trivago, which is dedicated to the most famous hotels that are “starred” in the movie, we decided to highlight the Top 10. The apartment of Mr, hotels, where she lived the heroine of Scarlett Johansson from “lost in Translation” where the Batman and other famous heroes of films – You will find it by reading our article.

In Monaco is the hotel De Paris. starring movie – “Iron man 2”.

This five-star hotel and were shooting a few scenes of this cult film. This hotel is gorgeous what a two minute walk away is located the biggest casino of Monaco, this hotel is the best SPA complex in Europe. Therefore, it attracts the attention not only of fans of Robert Downey Jr. and Gwynethpaltrow. The room rate at the Hotel de Paris from 360 euros per night.

In one of the best hotels which is located in Tokyo, he made a film “Difficulty of Transfer”. The name of this hotel the Park Hyatt. The scene where Scarlett Johansson is bored at the window overlooking Tokyo, remember, probably, all. Most scenes of the film were shot in this hotel. If You want to feel in the movie by Sofia Coppola, go to Tokyo!

The next hotel in the French Cabourg – GrandHotel. where were shooting the film “Coco before Chanel”. He played the role of the Palace in Deauville, where she lived Coco Chanel. And although the real Coco at this hotel didn’t stop, he was popular with other famous people, for example, there was Marcel Proust. Price from 160 euros per night.

It should be noted the hotel Giraffe. located in new York. There were shooting the film “sex and the city”. Though the hotel has a funny name “Giraffe”, it did not stop him from becoming famous. There was the apartment Mr big of the first part of this feature film. After filming ended, in the hotel rooms now are always DVD with this film, and it offers a Lovely perfume from Sarah Jessica Parker.

Another hotel, which we can not ignore it – Relais Bourgondish Cruyce in Brugge.

This hotel appears in the main scenes of the film “Lay low in Bruges” and, in fact, tourists are choosing to “lay low” in one of the most beautiful medieval cities in Europe.

The hotel Marriott in Budapest was shown in the movie, Steven Spielberg’s “Munich”. However, in the film he played the role of a London hotel, that’s a pun here. The room price from 107 euros per night.

If You will stay in Chicago, definitely will stay at Hotel 71. It starred the well-known film “the Dark Knight”. Here took place the shooting of several key scenes of “the Dark knight”. You may get lucky and the Batman room on the 39th floor will be free.

For Hotel Reconquista dela. located in the small Spanish town of Oviedo, had an emotional outburst between the characters Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz and Scarlett Johansson. Among the fans of “Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona”, visiting the Bars, it is customary to make a pilgrimage to this little town with the most delicious in Europe cider.

It is worth noting the Grand hotel Pupp. located in the Czech Republic, in Karlovy vary. There were shooting the film “Casino Royale”. In the story, the film is set in Montenegro, in a luxury hotel Splenidid. In fact, the film about James bond was filmed at the Grand hote lPupp in Czech Karlovy vary. Cost: from 178 euros per night

When will holiday in France, don’t forget to go to the hotel Regina. that is a stone’s throw from the Louvre Museum. It is here that ties up the storyline of “the Bourne Identification” — one of the best spy Thriller!

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