The most unusual hotels in the world

For those who travel frequently, eventually tired of the usual hotels, with their attendant design and a standard set of services. However, today there are more hotels that will surprise even the most sophisticated travelers. We offer you a review of the most unusual hotels in the world.

A year ago in Singapore opened the Marina Bay Sands created especially for fans of thrills. Three 55-storey towers of 200 meters is a huge terrace, made in the form of a gondola. Here, 12.4 thousand square meters, surrounded by green gardens and swimming pools. The outdoor Central swimming pool no visible edges, so the impression that the water edge is cut off in the void. It is the largest swimming pool, built on a height: its length reaches 150 meters. The hotel has 2500 rooms. Its internal facilities also include conference room, shopping Mall, Museum, two theatres and several restaurants. In this project was invested 5.7 billion dollars.

Travelers who prefer hotels of luxury, we can recommend the 7 star hotel Burj Al Arab in Dubai. This 321-metre building is built in the sea, on an artificial island 280 metres from shore. With the “mainland”hotel connected by a bridge. Normal rooms at the Burj Al Arab is not: instead, it offers two hundred two-storey apartments. The area of the smallest room is 169 square meters, the largest – 780.

Burj Al Arab is recognized as one of the most expensive hotels in the world. The cost of the rent standard and superior apartments reaches 1,000 – $ 15,000 per night. And staying in the Royal Suite costs $ 28,000 per night. In how much cost the construction of the hotel, were not disclosed. However, given the fact that for interior finishing works has been used about 8 thousand square meters of 22-carat gold leaf, we can safely say that the investment was not small.

All apartments of the hotel are decorated according to latest fashion trends and equipped with the latest technology, designed to provide guests with the highest level of comfort. The highlight of all the rooms are panoramic Windows that offer sweeping views of the Arabian Gulf.

Halls of one of the restaurants of the hotel complex, “al-Muntaha”, located over the sea at a height of 200 meters, and visitors can enjoy views of Dubai. To get to restaurant by a panoramic lift. And in the restaurant “al Mahar”, also located on site, can be reached by boat, which simulates a submarine. There is a huge aquarium, the volume of which exceeds 1 million liters.

Those who dream of a magical atmosphere, worth a visit the hotel Magic Mountain Hotel in Chile. The building is located under a waterfall on a fabulous mountain. You can get inside through a long suspension bridge stretched at the level of the treetops. This amazing hotel is located in the territory of the South American eco district Huilo Huilo, which includes more than 100 acres of untouched rainforest. The eco region is among the specially protected sites by UNESCO.

The hotel “Underwater Lodge Jules” is designed for those who want to feel like a Lchthyander or the hero of the novel “20 000 leagues under the sea”. This unusual hotel is located in the area of the Park Key Largo Florida at a depth of 6.5 meters. The hotel is located in a former laboratory, which successfully converted two enterprising engineer – Jan Koblik (Ian Koblick) and Neil Manny (Neil Monney). The hotel is quite small: its area is 183 square metres, and simultaneously placed here may only 10-12 people. That is why the rooms here are booked for months ahead. In underwater apartments provides everything necessary for a comfortable stay: hot showers, kitchen with refrigerator and microwave, air conditioning. The hotel even has a library and a relaxation room where you can watch movies or listen to music. And it offers a variety of diving courses.

Another boat house hotel, Utter Inn, situated on lake Malaren in Sweden, near Stockholm. Few people know what this little red house, swinging on the waves, “hidden” mini-aquarium with enough space to accommodate two guests. Visitors take in the Utter Inn on the boat. Entertainment here is a little warm on the deck near the house or to fish. The food in the hotel is delivered separately from the land.

In the Swiss village of Les Cerniers at an altitude of 1700 metres above sea level, is located the hotel complex for skiers Alpine Ski Resort WhitePod. It consists of 15 separate residential buildings resembling igloos. The buildings resemble typical Nordic ice house. Actually the apartments have all the attributes of comfort, including a spacious double bed, fireplace and wide Windows from which you can admire the Alpine scenery.

The hotel Kadirs Tree House Hotel in Turkey offers you to try yourself in the role of Tarzan and live in the trees. The hotel is located in Olympos, just two hours ‘ drive from the popular resort of Antalya. United rickety stairways of the houses look a little strange and unsafe, but accidents were not here. The double room is only 25-30 dollars per night. This amount, in addition to accommodation and standard of Breakfast included and lunch. Fans of nightlife and entertainment to bored here do not have: Olympos is one of the most popular places for youth recreation in this part of Turkey.

Stuttgart guests can stay at the hotel V8 car. There are only 34 rooms, but every square meter of apartments on a particular machine. The bed is made in the form of luxury cars, and the walls are decorated with paintings and photos of cars. Special entourage interior give unusual decorations: exhaust pipes, wheels, dashboard, steering wheels and other parts. 14 rooms feature spacious double beds, so fans can stay here with their girlfriends or wives.

The most creative European-style hotel is located in Berlin. Project Propeller Island – the offspring of the unbridled imagination of the German musician and painter Lars Stroshane and his associates. The hotel has 30 rooms, each of which has a really fantastic atmosphere. The apartment with sloping geometry of the ceiling and walls lined with different-sized and differently oriented mirrors one can feel kerrollovskogo Alice in Wonderland. At least the original room Symbol Room ceiling, walls and furniture is divided into squares and each shows a symbol. And fans of Russian chanson will love the room “Escape,” which fully simulates solitary confinement in prison. All the fittings are rollaway beds, wash basin and… the hole in the wall. In the “Two lions” of the beds are raised above the floor on wooden poles of the cell. To get in on a shaky ladder. The team of the hotel did not forget about vampires. Especially for them there are apartments with beds-coffins.

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