The most unusual hotels in the world

The sphere of HoReCa – the most extensive and available to work on it. It’s industry restaurant and hotel business, and here, in addition to staff hotels, restaurants, bars, chefs, managers and other employees, there is huge scope for the imagination of architects and designers. Build the most unusual and unique restaurant or hotel its a dream of every owner. That is why, sometimes, the architects are not shy to Express themselves. Many projects are still part of the idea, but soon, most likely, they will expect the same success as cosmetics magic glance .

One of the amazing project is called the Shanghai Wuzhou International Plaza and provides the location of under water, 10 meters from the ground level. The hotel must be duplex, and the upper disk will be placed at a height of 7 meters above the sea level. The uniqueness of the project is that the lower, the hotel part of the complex, can be raised to the upper disk by means of a special lift. The architects have removed the most special attention to the safety of the project, because it was necessary to consider both land and underwater force majeure.

There are in the world this is the restaurant to bring a girl to dinner, you have amazing self-control. A restaurant Dinner In The Sky will not attract everyone, because it is located on height 50 metres above ground level! This is a unique place in Belgium, but the design is so mobile that has already visited different cities of Europe. Obviously, the main condition happy stay there – security, so every visitor 4 wearing seat belts. On the seats at the table are 22 guests and staff, and then the whole structure rises into the sky. Lovers music is a surprise – at the other site offers up players of instruments.

Architect David Fisher has developed the concept of rotating buildings, and investors from the UAE had already endorsed one of his projects. The concept of the building includes a tower with a height of 420 meters, where will be located: 10 floors luxury villas, 35 floors of luxury apartments, 20 floors of office space and 15 floors will be placed at the disposal of a 6 star hotel! The building will make a full rotation in 1.5 hours.

The hotel “Arab tower”, despite its 13-year existence, is still considered one of the most amazing. The hotel is built on an artificial island that is 280 meters from the shore, and consists of 202 rooms are two-story! All rooms are amazingly luxurious, comfortable, equipped with the latest technology and design, equipped with the most expensive care – for example, funds Lebel cosmetics to buy, not everyone can, and here – all courtesy of the hotel. Windows in every room take up all the wall that allows you to freely enjoy the amazing sea views at any time of the day.

Most unusual hotels
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