The Sergievskaya hotel

The Sergievskaya hotel – a historic hotel in Nizhny Novgorod

For those who prefer complete rest, comfort and peace, the most ideal place will be our hotel. Nizhny Novgorod . a city with a rich historical past and great cultural heritage, has long been famous for their hospitality and panache, and we strive to meet the spirit of the time, offering You an amazing combination of old aristocratic luxury and modern comfort.


Hotel Sergievskaya is conveniently located in a picturesque place on a quiet street in the heart of the historic part of Nizhny Novgorod, within a 5-minute walk from downtown and close to Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin. Within walking distance from the hotel are other attractions of the city: the Rukavishnikov estate, house Kashirina, Drama theatre, art Museum.

Hotel features

The modernised mansion of the nineteenth century, with rooms decorated in the style of Russian Neoclassicism, offers European service and truly Russian hospitality. We managed to recreate the unique atmosphere of an aristocratic house of the middle of the nineteenth century. Not all GOSTINICHNOGO Novgorod can boast of such an achievement.

A unique feature of the hotel Sergievskaya is a harmonious mix of new and old in its appearance. Graceful moldings on the ceilings, restored skilled mosaic flooring made of rare wood, beautiful curtains and fluffy carpets, the interior is amazingly luxurious at first sight and plunges into a long-forgotten comfort of the old mansion. The combination of traditional Russian aristocratic atmosphere of luxury and modern comfort will make Your stay in our hotel truly unforgettable.

The room Fund of the

Hotel Sergievskaya on the second floor there are three completely different rooms: pink, blue, and green. On 1 floor there are 3 cozy rooms in the style of “Provence”. Spacious, comfortable, decorated in warm colours, rooms are equipped with everything necessary for comfortable stay: bathroom, shower, air conditioning, hair dryer. Luxurious decor of the rooms, illuminated by delicate light graceful sconces that will make Your holiday delightful charm of bliss.


We are always happy to offer our guests comfortable accommodation, as contributing to a favorable rest and fruitful work. A high level of service, qualified personnel, wide range of additional services – all this is attractive for pleasant rest, business meetings and tourism.

We offer our guests:

Special atmosphere of comfort and peace inside of

Gorgeous interiors

The proximity of the business center and major tourist sites of the city

Visa support

International communication



Information support of “Where things are”

Banquet hall for 15 people and more


The best recommendation for our hotel is that it has hosted famous politicians, businessmen, film Directors and artists: Sergei Kiriyenko, Nemtsov B. E. N. Mikhalkov.With. Kirkorov B. F. Valley, L. A., Zverev S. A. Rotaru, S. M. Yakovleva E. A. John Cross and other celebrities.

Hotel Sergievskaya is the only hotel in Nizhny Novgorod . which not only corresponds to its time, but has its own special style, preserving the unique spirit of elegance and antiquity. The philosophy of the hospitality and personal attention to everyone. And indeed, here You can relax and immerse themselves in the true atmosphere of luxury, comfort and antiquity.

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