TOP 10 most expensive hotels in the world

Usually a person coming on vacation and check into a room at the hotel . any special claims to the hotel no, as long as was the bathroom (shower), comfortable bed, clean bed, TV and, of course, wireless Internet.

People with decent financial provision for their quirks and such spoiled customers prefer exclusive and unique charm. They rented one room, no, they rent entire floors inside the most expensive and famous hotels . Of course, prices for such pleasure is not very modest, and choose the option selebrety not an economy hotel. We offer you a selection of the best and most expensive hotels in the world, which are popular among rich people and celebrities. So, 10 most expensive hotels in the world.

10. French hotel Park Hyatt-Vendôme is located in Paris . Imperial exclusive room is on the second floor of the infamous hotel of premium class. The total area of a Suite is more than 230 square meters. It’s not just a room, it’s kind of a huge apartment with a kitchen, bedroom, dining room, bar and even a Spa room. The price for such luxury is not too exorbitant and is only $15,500 per night.

9. The Paris Four Seasons hotel George V is Korolevskiy. This room combines the extravagant luxury, exquisite glamour and ultimate comfort. Huge spacious rooms, kitchen, dining room, living room and other such areas need not leave indifferent even the most seasoned travelers. The whole interior is designed in a unique Vienna-style. Price – $16,000 per night.

8. Le Richemond hotel Swiss luxury apartments. Not so long ago in 2007, this hotel complex has undergone a very deep, one might say radical restoration. Now the hotel Le Richemond offers its clients a unique Royal room decorating with gold, mosaic paintings and high ceilings. But the main feature of this Suite is terrace. Huge balcony in 90 squares allows you to enjoy the beautiful view of the infinite and alluring Geneva. Price – $17,500 per night.

7. Burj Al Arab – unique hotel in the United Arab Emirates . Huge two-storey Royal Suite is located in Dubai . The room is simply amazing with the richness and splendor of the interior finish. Marble mosaic floors, a huge big television mirrors, handmade furniture with a species of mahogany – all of it is worthy only of rabbits. For guests of this room have a private Elevator and a Rolls Royce, and on special request you can use the helicopter. Price – $18,000 per night.

6. The Moscow Ritz-Carlton – these “highlight” of Russia. Windows on the entire height of the walls, solid furniture, massive mirrors in carved frames, feature under floor heating. The Suite has its own huge library, luxury bathroom, original piano, and with Windows offer beautiful views of the Kremlin. Price – $18,200 per night.

5. The hotel on the Islands of The Atlantis, Bridge Suite . what could be better? Vacation in the Bahamas is not only an amazing pastime, it is a Paradise. About ten huge spacious rooms are connected in the form of two separate towers at The Atlantis . The view from the window of this Royal Suite is a Mirage, an impression that the room is just floating in the air, without any external support. This Suite was honored by the attention even celebrities such as Michael Jackson and Opry Ohara. The price is 25,000 per night.

4. Geneva awaits guests at hotel President Wilson Hotel . Here is a huge three-bedroom Suite-penthouse, with a private lounge room which will easily accommodate about forty people. This room has received recognition from famous people from all over the world, as the most expensive, but the most convenient and comfortable Suite in Geneva. Price – $33,000 per night.

3. The Four Seasons – the miracle of America. New York Ty Warner penthouse – transparent glass walls and unique interior. This room is ideal for the true connoisseurs of the vastness and freedom, the view from the terrace is stunning, you can see the entire Manhattan . at a glance, and 360 degrees around. Nine big rooms Suite decorated with real sea pearls, elements of silver, gold and platinum. It offers residents here people – private Butler service, unlimited worldwide calls and a huge TV. Price – $34,000 per night.

2. American hotel Palms Casino Resort located in Las Vegas. Unusual Hugh Hefner Sky Villa – a mansion, designed in an extravagant style. Decorated the interiors with a creative option like the one in Playboy . The main feature of the Suite – a huge Jacuzzi, you can say weighing over the heads of the residents of Las Vegas. Price – $40,000 per night.

1. Greek hotel Grand Resort Lagoniss is a unique, gorgeous place with facilities for kings. Such housing includes a personal Butler, pianist, and chef, as well as a heated pool, secluded beach and wonderful views of Athens . Price – $50,000 per night.

Rest with pleasure.

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