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Suites with outdoor Jacuzzi

Azure sea and warm sun, great local cuisine and a huge number of beautiful attractions — all this makes Greece the best place to stay.

Holidays in Greece is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the beautiful sea and feel the unique atmosphere of ancient civilizations and visit the iconic locations in one of the main centers of Christianity. Greece – high banks and temples, mountains and villages, which are reflected in the clear waters of the Ionian, Mediterranean and Aegean seas. This land, known for its many myths and legends, talented writers and philosophers; she inspires, captivates and fascinates.

Going on vacation to Greece you can visit not only the mainland but also to visit the island resorts, where the most elegant and famous hotels in the world, offers not only comfortable accommodation but also the delicious and young wines, massages and Spa treatments.

Having planned a vacation in Greece, you should definitely visit the island of Rhodes known as the island of the Knights. Today this place is a popular tourist centre. Continue reading

The legendary hotel Sacher in Vienna

The history of this hotel began long before its construction by Eduard Sacher in 1876. The father of the owner of the hotel, Franz Sacher, being a 16-year-old boy on court cuisine, accidentally invented the world-famous chocolate cake sachertorte. The formulation of this confection still kept as the Apple of his eye. The cake is deservedly one of the symbols of Vienna.

Once he was on the verge of bankruptcy, the descendants of an outstanding chef had to sell an original dessert recipe and a production pastry chef-competitor Demelo. Legal battles about the rights to the name of the original Sacher-cake lasted many more years and eventually ended with a Solomon solution: a coffee shop sells Zakharov of the cake with a layer of jam inside the sponge, and a coffee shop Demel – with the same layer of jam on top of the biscuit. However, any café in Vienna you will receive unsurpassed in its Sacher torte, which you will be served with delicate whipped cream, to make it even thinner to shade their Symphony chocolate with a hint of sour apricot jam. Continue reading

A brief overview of the best hotels in the world

Hotels, have attained world fame gained popularity due to two reasons: the famous guests and unprecedented luxury. These hotels are at the top of the rating of the best hotels in the world. The most famous of them are: the Savoy, the Ritz, the Metropol and Waldorf-Astoria. Such names can be found even in the tourist guidebooks. In addition, legendary hotels are mentioned in hundreds of books and dozens of autobiographies of famous people.

At all times luxurious hotels attracted the attention of creative people and wealthy citizens. Writers, artists, aristocrats and millionaires were regular customers. This factor further influenced the reputation of these hotels. A striking example is the Paris Ritz, which for more than a century is considered the best hotel of Paris. This hotel is famous not only for luxury accommodation. Here he spent more than 30 years known Coco Chanel (French fashion legislator) and many other not less known people.

Of course, guests are one of the key factors in the popularity of the hotel. For example, new York’s hotel Waldorf-Astoria is known for its guest F. Sinatra. Continue reading

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