Unusual hotels in the world

Collect unusual places on your travels. Then plan to stay once in each of these unusual hotels . Their geography is very diverse, so that will be where to turn.

So, let’s look at 10 most unusual places to stay that will make travelers rethink the word “comfort”.

1. An unusual hotel “Jumbo Stay” in the old Boeing 747. Sweden

Unusual guests at the Jumbo Stay Stockholm close to experiencing strange sensations when you check. Anyway, and to live inside a huge plane, very unusual. The most fashionable Suite in the cockpit, the rest rooms are also made very comfortable and yet romantic.

2. Unusual eco-hotel “Eco Camp Patagonia” in Chile

Unusual eco-hotel “Eco Camp Patagonia” is located quite near to the fantastic mountain peaks of the national Park Torres del Paine. All the houses this hotel was built on technologies of green building – building material – only natural wood. This hotel is a posh place for those who want to abstract away from civilization.

3. The Hotel “Malmaison Oxford Castle”, England

The hotel “Malmaison Oxford Castle” was created in a former prison. The exteriors look gloomy, but inside the many comfortable and cozy rooms, where the tourist can contemplate the eternal.

4. Unusual ice hotel “Icehotel”, Sweden

How do you like the idea to spend night in ice hotel room? To treat yourself to unusual sensations go to Sweden to the town of Jukkasjarvi. The hotel “Icehotel” in the majority offers its guests normal rooms, but for fans of extreme sports ice provides fantastic apartments.

5. The hotel “Hotel Marques de Riscal”, Spain

Architect Frank Gehry have tried their best. Futuristic Spanish hotel, reminiscent of an alien spaceship after a failed landing, located in the heart of the famous Rioja wine region. However, beautiful natural landscapes and different rooms to have a relaxing holiday.

6. The hotel platform “Seaventures Dive Resort”, Malaysia

The hotel “Seaventures Dive Resort” near the island of Mabul in Malaysia. built on the basis of an old oil platform and looks like a setting for a Hollywood action movie. If you are a fan of diving in the waters of Southeast Asia, sooner or later you will find yourself in this unusual hotel.

7. Underground hotel “Kokopelli Cave Bed and Breakfast”, USA

Hobbit fans will be happy to stay in an unusual hotel underground. Each room is an intricate cave with no Windows. Everything is very unusual, however for a honeymoon I would not go here 🙂

8. Hotel “Green Plaza Shinjuku Capsule Hotel” Japan

If so, check out all the most unusual hotels. sooner or later you will have to stay in a Japanese capsule hotel. The interior “rooms” resemble a space ship, however, the prospect to move around the “room” on all fours somehow not happy. Absolutely not recommended for tall people and claustrophobic.

9. The hotel “Propeller Island” in Berlin. Germany

A true art house, in the hotel business. This hotel with 45 rooms no two are the same. Each room is a masterpiece of surrealism. “Mirror room”, “Upside down room” and other incredible and crazy scenery. Restful sleep here is not guaranteed, but a strong emotional shake-up – easily:)

10. An unusual hotel “Treehotel”, Sweden

Swedish hotel “TreeHotel” is composed of several diverse and unusual Bungalow. For example, the mirror cube, hovering among the pine trees – the sight is very inspiring.

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