Vacation in Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Full title: Las Vegas (Las Vegas)

Founded: 1829

Population: 1.33 million people.

Population (city): 1.9 million.

Area: 340 sq. km.

Las Vegas is the fastest growing city on the planet. Still – thousands upon thousands of game halls and pavilions, about a hundred, casino, miles of brightly lit streets and upscale hotels, 17 of which are in the 20 largest hotels in the world. Las Vegas is growing. Moreover, both in construction and in terms of tourism – every year more and more people dream to visit the famous “Sin City”. If you are one of those “lucky people” who have every means to go to Vegas – do not miss this article. But even if you really want to get into this place “one-armed bandits”, I think, is as set out below will be of your liking.

The Central street of Las Vegas, the famous Strip

What started Las Vegas? As a town it was formed about 100 years ago, in 1905, when it was completed the construction of a railroad connecting salt lake city and Northern California. Then Las Vegas was a haven, a filling station and a place of recreation for railway trains. But the date may 19, 1931 completely changed the fate of Vegas is in this day in the state of Nevada gambling became legal. And this at a time when across the country the casino business was banned! Predlojeniyami gambling made is unknown, a resident of the state, which in life never played in the casino. He believed that a tax on playing business may be kept by the school.

Reading the history of the city the author was surprised by one item: “Las Vegas” in Spanish means “meadows” and “Nevada” (the state in which it is located) is “covered with snow”. Strange, because when I see before me vast red-hot desert where the day temperature often exceeds 40,it is difficult to imagine an equal score as the meadows, and snow. But all in the same historical reference we find the explanation of such differences: Vegas got its name due to the source of artesian water, which stumbled lost in the Mexican desert caravan, and Nevada over the mountains capped with snow cap.

To get to Vegas from Russia or Ukraine by plane, which for 10-14 hours will take you to McCarran international airport, or any other ground transportation from any city in the US. If you are first time in Vegas, then, once in the city, don’t get lost: if you’ve decided to stay a couple of days, then start looking for hotels.

Hotels in Las Vegas abound: expensive, economical, visited by celebrities, unusual… the Choice is so wide that not to get lost is impossible! The most popular hotels Vegas:


Caesars Palace

Venetian Resort Hotel Casino


New York New York Hotel

Paris Hotel

Mandalay Bay Hotel

The Mirage


Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

Palms Place Hotel and Spa

Wynn Las Vegas

Planet Hollywood Towers

Trump International Hotel Las Vegas

Imperial Palace

Four Queens Hotel and Casino

Riviera Hotel & Casino

Circus Circus Hotel

Hotels in Vegas and even share on:

Family (for example, the Cancun Resort Las Vegas)

Luxury hotels (Encore Las Vegas, where the price per room – from $ 142)

Spa hotels (Blue Moon Gay Resort unique resort…for gay people)

Shopping-hotels (Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall and Saloon)

Romantic (The Artisan Hotel)

The famous fountain at the Bellagio

And hotels in Las Vegas often thematic. For example, the hotel Paris Las Vegas has its own Eiffel tower! Well, the hotel Caesars Palace is simply steeped in the spirit of the era of Caesar. And the hotel Circus Circus in addition to the usual Vegas casino you can enjoy the whole circus show. But the best hotel in town is undoubtedly the Mirage. Here dwells the whole zoo. Even the albino tigers! The hotel has a volcano that erupts every half hour.

And these hotels in Vegas are full! So we can safely assume that are intertwined in all cultures of the world – from Japanese to Italian. Everyone can find a place to taste. And can afford – if you worry in advance and book yourself a room, chic room in a hotel with a pool will cost you a maximum of$20!

Well, you’ve already settled, and soul craves adventure! Where to go?

The main street in Las Vegas called the Strip (The Strip). It is there are almost all hotels and casinos, and it is illuminated at night by miles of neon tubes.

Opportunities abound on the Strip:

from the top of the pyramid at the Luxor cardou night there is a powerful beam of light, which, they say, is visible even from space;

the world famous singing fountains at Bellagio every evening attracts hundreds of tourists;

hotel Treasure Island pirate entertains others the battles of modern music;

with the highest in the Americas observation tower under the name stratosphere you can see the whole city at a glance;

and of course an endless chain of casinos and slot machines.

But outside of the Strip have something to stare:

Palace Auto Museum is a real Paradise motorist! Here are a collection of cars previously owned by very famous people,such as, for example, Hitler or Nikolai II;

the world-famous Hoover dam is on the South-East of Central Las Vegas and I suggest you to definitely visit her: take a ride on the gondola up to the top of the dam, go fishing, dive or just enjoy the beautiful views;

a couple hours parts of Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. Not to bother searching interesting places, you simply book a tour of Las Vegas.

The famous sign at the entrance to the city of Las Vegas

And finally – a couple of interesting facts about Vegas:

want to buy land in Las Vegas? Note that the weaving of land is worth 250.000$;

5% of all American marriages is in Las Vegas. Moreover, to get married there in just 15 minutes and 40$, and as a toastmaster, you can choose any famous character, Elvis Presley, for example!

the most popular game in Vegas – black Jack;

surprisingly, most of the city’s budget is from the income of a family of tourism – income from gambling makes up only a third of the budget;

60% of people in Las Vegas work in the field of entertainment and gambling.

Well, Vegas is waiting for you! Visit this city at least once – and the memories of this trip will be kept a lifetime!

Be sure to see a short colorful video with the beauty and attractions of Las Vegas:

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